Monday, July 12, 2010

Camera Phone Snapshots

I have three cameras to document this trip.  I have my camera on my phone, my Canon s90 point and shoot and my Canon 5D Mark ii.  Where ever I go, I like to take photographs with all of them. There is an app that you can get for your iphone that takes photographs that look like the old square ones you find when you dig through old family treasures. To get this look, you can download the hipstamatic application for your iphone phone.  I like to gather a collection of these since they are easy to take and it's fun to switch out the film, lenses and flash right on your phone.

I've been taking them from the start of this journey and I look forward to taking more to share with you.  Here are a few that I've taken that I especially like.  I didn't do anything with the photograph, I just pointed in the direction of something that looked interesting to me and clicked the button.

It's just a reminder that it isn't necessary the tools you have that will give you a photograph you enjoy.  Sometimes we forget to take the time to document what we do, but once you have it on "film" you will be able to cherish it forever.  This summer (and beyond), I encourage you to dust off that camera you have and take some snapshots of your life, where you go and what you do.  Sometimes, I think those are the most interesting shots.  Simple things like eating breakfast, cooking with your family, watching your kids play, items you see on your commute.  I know I can be critical on myself with the photographs I take.  When I take the time to look back on them, I tend to enjoy the simple ones the most.  The ones that take me back to the time when the photograph was taken.  Don't wait for the newest camera, the one you have that's sitting in a drawer will work just fine.  Last year on my journey, I took all of my photographs with a point and click you can buy at any big electronics store for about $100 bucks.  There are even cheaper versions out there as well.  Have fun!  I have to admit that taking photographs has made this journey a little bit more fun, even though Max is a bit sick of it.


Becky C. said...

I love that my point-and-shoot camera is waterproof, so I really can take it everywhere :)

Alison said...

That's perfect Becky! I would like a case for my point and shoot. :)

susan said...

Hey Alison,
Great shots of Lake Tahoe. Are you still in the area? Where are you headed next? I live in Reno and could give you some suggestions. I travel alone as well and really relate to your post about being alone with people all around.


Best Travel Deals said...

These are beautiful pictures, and imagine that - just with a camera phone! :)

This made me want to be where this was as soon as possible!

Your blog is great, you might like to come and party with us at the World Wide Travel Blog Party, don't forget to invite more of your blogger friends along. Definitely the more the merrier! See you there and Kudos to you! :)

Alison said...

Thank you Susan. Tahoe was beautiful but we are now out of the area. Thank you for the comment!

@Best Travel Deals. Thank you!

Cheap holiday deals said...

Wow these are breathtaking photos! Looking forward to hearing more!

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