Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Few Days In A Cabin In The Woods

I am fortunate enough to have a friend that worked really hard to restore an old cabin in the woods and now Max and I get to enjoy it for a few days.  I love being in the forest.  It is so peaceful and gives me an urge to live like this full time.  The problem I have with it is that I have a hard time relaxing.  I am used to being on the go and moving constantly so sitting still takes some practice.

The cabin doesn't have electricity or water so it's like camping in a tent with a hard shell.  I have books and magazines but when the power was low on my computer and phone, panic started to set in.  It sounds crazy, I know.  To some, bliss is hanging out alone and reading a book.  I find it hard to sit still enough to enjoy it but I am trying.  I keep thinking of "what's next" and what I need to do to work on the projects I have in mind.  It's a good time to plan what I want to accomplish on this trip and perhaps plan a little more on where I will be headed next.  I still don't really know since I try and just plan it day by day.

I took Max on some walks in the forest, took a few pictures and kept imagining that a bear would come up to the house and have tea with us.  If not a bear, I would see sasquatch hunched over, running by.  I suppose it's a good thing I have my imagination to keep me company here when there is not a soul around. I keep my camera close by just in case those things actually happen.

So, the next stop is a mystery, but I like it that way.


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