Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Land Of The Giant Trees In Redwood National Forest

I am in awe of this forest.  I specifically wanted to come to the coast to beat the heat and that I did.  It is hard to describe in words what the trees feel like in this forest.  Without sounding corny, this redwood forest is truly magical.

I wanted to take a scenic drive through the trees but the road was closed so Max and I took a walk down the drive.  If you have seen the movie Avitar, this would be the closest thing to actually being in the movie.  The trees, ferns and all plants seem to have taken a mass amount of miracle grow and make you feel pretty insignificant standing next to them.  It was hard to actually capture the feeling I had in pictures but here are a few from our walk.  The day started out foggy when we hiked out of our campsite, but to me it was so beautiful.

We left our site, walked on the beach to watch a coyote, met the Muffin Man while I stopped for coffee and then toured the forest.  I don't plan what I am going to do far in advance but I am so glad I took the turn to the coast to see this forest.  It's been a little under 30 years since I've been to this place and these trees have been there much longer than any of us have been on this earth.  I am glad that we decided to protect this part of the forest for all to see.

Along the way, we also stopped to take a picture of Paul Bunyan and his Ox, Babe.  Beware, Paul will talk to you.  He said, "hello young lady in the blue shirt."  Such a charmer.

If you've never been to this forest, I would recommend it.  I love Yellowstone, Yosemite, and all of the national parks but there is something about this one that holds a place in my heart.  Next we are going to see where the coastline takes us.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and reminding us of this beautiful place. Yes walking amongst the giants is truly indescribable.And when the sun rays come through them it's like being blessed in light. Lucky you

cumulus said...

I love the way you shoot, your point of view, down near the ground making the redwoods look majestic.

Alison said...

Thank you Anonymous. :) Lucky me, indeed.

Cumulus, thank you. I actually took the picture standing up, without getting near to the ground. The trees were so beautiful and pretty unreal. I could have stood there for hours staring at them.

Marilyn said...

loving (and getting a big vicarious thrill out of) your blog! this post really pulled at me since that's where i'm from (Crescent City). as beautiful as that park is, i love Jedediah Smith State Park even more. if you're ever there again, head east of CC on Hwy 199 and take the turn to Stout Grove...the drive through that part of the park is so beautiful and magical...and you'll end up south of CC on 101 near the entrance to Endert's Beach (which Yahoo Travel just named one of the top 10 secluded beaches in the U.S.) even just driving the curves of 199 as it winds between CC and Hiouchi...a road i've driven hundreds of times...and it still never gets old. the entrance to Jed Smith is just east of the bridge over the Smith River. it's a beautiful place to camp.

re South brother moved his family to rural, eastern South Dakota last year and i spent the first couple of weeks of July traveling with family in SD. loved the Black Hills area. highly recommend Sheridan Lake...only fished there, but there's a campground right on the lake. my Flickr set is here:

happy trails!

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