Monday, September 29, 2008

Living in "Trailie" For 117 Days

Since I’ve been on the road for over 100 days, here are an additional 50 facts and tidbits on this journey thus far (Visit for more). Although I am heading towards home, this is not the end. I plan on entering the Southern route once the weather doesn’t threaten to sweep trailie away.
50 Facts and Random Figures (part 2):
1. 117 Days
2. 13, 479 Miles
3. 25 States visited
4. 31 Different Campsites
5. Stayed at 11 Homes
6. Motel 6’d it 6 times
7. One oil change…whoopsie
8. Spotted 2 bald eagles, numerous buffalo, elk, deer and squirrels!
9. 100 bags of ice
10. Backed trailie into 1 barn
11. 1 pedicure (I know, gross)
12. You can start a college fund with the amount of money spent on tolls on the East Coast
13. In Provincetown, you are either gay, Canadian, or lost
14. I like to think that animals are just sleeping on the side of the road
15. Best Quotes from people about trailie…
a. “You can win those on the price is right!”
b. “Is that for your dog?”
c. “Do you sleep in there?”
d. “Does it pop up?”
e. “Is there a bathroom in there?”
f. “Can you stand up in it?”
My response to all of the above: YES!
16. Reconnected with 2 people I haven’t seen in years
17. Met up with 5 My Spacers
18. Met one man who lives in his van full time
19. Watched 13 Concerts
20. Swam in 8 Lakes
21. No TV for 100 days
22. Cindy (Navigator) “redirected” me to 3 dead ends
23. Rode a bike through a 1.8 mile tunnel in complete darkness with sides that dropped off
24. Spotted 19 mullets in one day in Spokane
25. Was interviewed on 1 radio show
26. Lake Disappointment is really not a disappointment at all
27. Not a good idea to give dog treats to raccoons, unless you want the entire family over
28. Skip Sturgis
29. If you want Amish people to run away and hide from you, put a bathing suit on
30. In Oregon, there is no self service gas pump. Not a good idea to argue who is going to pump gas
31. Sang Karaoke once
32. Saw the world’s largest picnic basket located in Ohio
33. 12 sushi stops
34. 24 winery visits
35. 3 Maggie Baths
36. Overheard some funnies…
a. A man was buying a few things in a grocery store in Missouri and tried to pay with Canadian coins. The cashier said, “These are Canadian quarters” and the man said, “Yeah, that’s where I live.” Ummm….duuuhhhh….
37. Wall Drug offers you “free ice water”” they have 50 billboards on the road to prove it
38. Wrote 23 blogs since I left home
39. A Bar of “Dr. Brommers Magic Soap” lasts 22 showers
40. One blanket can be a “house sled” for 2 kids
41. A retired Cowboy can be your sushi chef in Cody, Wyoming
42. Washington and Oregon do have sunshine!
43. Trailie traveled on one Ferry
44. Met a convicted felon who says he’s innocent from terrorist threats to the mall (“um, ok. Bye”)
45. Flat tires= 0 (knocking on wood)
46. Costs $2 for a shower in Yellowstone
47. $10 to see Mt. Rushmore for the entire year (I will send pass to anyone planning on going)
48. Favorite Campsite = Vermillion in South Dakota
49. Favorite National Park = Yellowstone
50. Being thankful that I can live my dream = everyday

Monday, September 15, 2008


Face your fears and say yes to something you are afraid of. Easier said than done. Think about what you are most afraid of. Why are you afraid of it? What is the worst that can happen if you did it? For me, public speaking is what I am afraid of the most. I can do it…I did it in my job. But I dread it. So much so, that I couldn’t sleep the night before a presentation, or even stressing an entire weekend over it. This is coming from someone who minored in Speech in college. Big deal…I know. Anyway, I did it, and you know what…it got a little easier each time. I had a few tricks. But, it was still scary. It’s not my favorite thing to say the least.
I know, I say it over and over but it’s true. I get nervous and shy when I meet new people. Well, I went to Spokane to meet Cat. A friend that I have never met, but we have been chatting here and there for a few months online. We met for the first time last Thursday. Spoke on the phone for the first time just a few minutes before we met. It was as if we’ve known each other for years (ok, maybe weeks)! I had a blast. I think we wore each other out by the end of the 6 day visit.
We sang karaoke, I was interviewed on a local radio show by “bob”, we pigged out in the park, rode the Hathawaa trail, ate sushi, toured the sights, went wine tasting, toured the peach farms, and had the best people watching in town at the park.
I look forward to going back. In fact, we have already made plans to hang out again! I would encourage you to challenge yourself. Do something that you are afraid of. It might change your life. For me, this journey is changing mine. I am blessed with all that I have seen and all who come into my life. Thank you.
Above are a few pictures of the various activities we did in Spokane.

100 Days

I can’t believe I’ve been on the road for 100 days so far. Seems like yesterday when I wrote the 50 realizations blog telling you about the soap on the top of the car and the firewood fairies. I’ve written down some gems along the way of what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard which I will share, but for this blog, I will tell you some of my thoughts.
I am tired. My back is sore; my body is out of shape. Glad to get THAT out of the way…now on to more important things.
I am so fortunate for all that I’ve seen and all that I’ve done. Somehow, I still feel that I haven’t done enough. I wanted to write more, I’ve wanted to blog more. I really wanted to write an article about my experience in some magazine or publication. I didn’t get on that, either.
What I HAVE done is observed the people and places that surround me. If you pay attention, you will see some amazing things in your own town. When I don’t feel like eating at camp, I usually drive around to find a few cars outside of a restaurant and then it’s “party of one at the bar.” I learned about a retired couple in Montana that make ends meet by working at a local pizza place, a woman who finally came home to visit with her family after 10 years, a bartender who is sick of seeing wildlife while working in Yellowstone, a retired cowboy who now works as a sushi chef, a Harley rider who toured the USA on his bike, and several stories of average people like me living the American life.
Those are the stories and moments I love. I listen, I learn, I experience.
Some days have been more of a challenge than others. Even though I am headed towards home, this isn’t the end of my journey. There is so much more to explore and experience. I know that we can all get in a rut of seeing the same things in our town. I would challenge you to try something new. Go on a walk in a different neighborhood. Sit at the bar as a “party of one” to eat and chat with the person next to you. There is so much to gain from the experiences of others. It has been at the top of my list of my favorite things to do. I look forward to more life stories through strangers.
Now off to enjoy the Cape of Disappointment in Washington. Yes, that’s the real name. I will blog about the next 50 realizations soon! Thank you for following my journey, my little “readervillage”.


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