Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lobster Fishing In Maine

Ever since my first visit to Maine, I've wanted to get on a lobster boat and spend a day with the lobster fishermen.  I am fascinated with the people who do it and why they continue to do it.  In a series of events one morning, it seemed as it happened in an instant.  One moment I was having coffee with Ralph and the locals and the next minute, I was on a lobster boat.  Jon the captain agreed to have me on board as long as I kept out of their way.  I agreed, hopped on board and the adventure began.

I'm always prepared to change direction at a moment's notice and this was no exception. As soon as I jumped on board, I stood to the side  to observe them and witness the synchronicity in their moments without speaking a word.  As if they could do it in their sleep, they knew the specific job at hand and did it seamlessly throughout the day.  Jon would locate the traps, bring them in one by one, discard lobsters who had eggs or weren't large enough, saved the ones that were while Ray put new bait in, and stacked the traps to drop into the sea once again.

In between traps, I would chat briefly with Jon and Ray about their lives and about fishing.  I didn't talk much since the idle time was very limited.  Mostly, I kept to myself and stayed in places on the boat where I wouldn't get in the way.

At one point, Jon suggested that I jump on a buoy (the one you see below in the distance) to get a shot of them in the boat, floating away.  I did and as I stood on the buoy, I started to wonder if the joke was on me. They circled around, laughed, took pictures of me and eventually picked me up once again.

I am thankful that captain Jon agreed to have a stranger jump on board during his workday.  After it was over, he said that not many visitors get on the boat with them so I felt fortunate.  It's always a thrill to be able to do something I've always wanted to do.  Sometimes it can be as easy as telling someone you want to do it.  Don't be afraid to ask for what you want because chances are, you just might get it!  Below are some images from the day on the water, fishing with Jon and Ray.

 Captain Jon
 Deckhand Ray


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