Monday, September 15, 2008


Face your fears and say yes to something you are afraid of. Easier said than done. Think about what you are most afraid of. Why are you afraid of it? What is the worst that can happen if you did it? For me, public speaking is what I am afraid of the most. I can do it…I did it in my job. But I dread it. So much so, that I couldn’t sleep the night before a presentation, or even stressing an entire weekend over it. This is coming from someone who minored in Speech in college. Big deal…I know. Anyway, I did it, and you know what…it got a little easier each time. I had a few tricks. But, it was still scary. It’s not my favorite thing to say the least.
I know, I say it over and over but it’s true. I get nervous and shy when I meet new people. Well, I went to Spokane to meet Cat. A friend that I have never met, but we have been chatting here and there for a few months online. We met for the first time last Thursday. Spoke on the phone for the first time just a few minutes before we met. It was as if we’ve known each other for years (ok, maybe weeks)! I had a blast. I think we wore each other out by the end of the 6 day visit.
We sang karaoke, I was interviewed on a local radio show by “bob”, we pigged out in the park, rode the Hathawaa trail, ate sushi, toured the sights, went wine tasting, toured the peach farms, and had the best people watching in town at the park.
I look forward to going back. In fact, we have already made plans to hang out again! I would encourage you to challenge yourself. Do something that you are afraid of. It might change your life. For me, this journey is changing mine. I am blessed with all that I have seen and all who come into my life. Thank you.
Above are a few pictures of the various activities we did in Spokane.


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