Friday, July 9, 2010

A Few Hours In Nevada City, California

I decided to get out of the forest for a few hours so I kept Max in the cool cabin and headed to Nevada City.  I used to come here in the winter when I lived in Northern California.  The town is so charming and the people are so down to earth and friendly.  If you happen to be in the area during Christmas time, it's not to miss.  The entire town is decorated and will put you in the spirit instantly.

It's pretty hot around here right now as it is in most parts of the country today.  I decided to hang out at a coffee shop for a while to power up my computer and write for a while online.

As Western Mining History describes, "First settled in 1849, Nevada City is one of the oldest of the Gold Rush towns. The settlement was known by several names until the name Nevada was selected in 1850. In 1861, the creation of the territory of Nevada once again prompted a name change and Nevada City became the final name of the town. 

A prosperous mining town, Nevada City became Californias third largest city with over 10,000 residents. Nevada City became the most sophisticated of the gold rush mining camps. New England moral influence, and able leadership from early settlers resulted in a relatively lawful town in contrast to the lawless camps of the time."

The houses here in town are so beautiful, I wanted to see if I could get people in their element sitting on the porch.  I think I toured during the hottest part of the day since most people were inside of their homes.  This is a dog lovers town and there were several best friends hanging out on the street with their local owners and a few scattered tourists around.  From the last time I was here, it seems more quiet than usual.  I didn't mind, it was a nice break of the day to get out and be around people for a while.

After just a few hours, I headed back into the hills.  I look forward to seeing what I come across tomorrow.


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