Monday, July 19, 2010

The Oregon Coast

After exploring the Redwood Forest, Max and I took a drive up highway 101 to the Oregon coastline.  This has been by far the most beautiful drive.  Through all of the twists and turns, we came across some of the most amazing views and beaches that stretch for miles.

I talked to some campers from Colorado at the last campsite that gave me a tip to a free campsite just outside highway 101 that sounded nice so we were going to head in that direction next.  In the meantime, we took a leisurely drive along the coast and stopped at a beach to enjoy the day and watch some people doing the same.

Max loves being on the sand and really, what's not to love?  The beaches here are so calm and the smell of salt water in the air is one of my favorite scents.  This trip so far has been so different from the last two.  For the most part, I have talked to more people in the first few days than I have in the last two trips combined.  For some reason, I just went along my way and didn't really engage with anyone.  Sometimes you will get the best tips from locals in the area and you never know how the direction will change if you decide to take in the advice and do something you wouldn't have normally done without the exchange.

So we are planning on the unplanned.  It's not going to be perfect, but it will be an adventure and I look forward to while seeing and exploring places I wouldn't have thought of if I didn't take the time to listen and take advantage of a new experience.

For today, we are enjoying all of the beauty of the Oregon coastline.  It is an incredible sight to see.


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