Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An American 4th Of July Pool Party

Despite the crowds, I had a wonderful time in Yosemite.  It is such a beautiful park and I would recommend a visit at least once in your lifetime.  As with almost every visitor in the area, I took a lot of pictures and I will share them with you soon.  As much as I love looking at pretty pictures, I am enjoying photographing people these days.  I look forward to profiling more women in my "Women's Work" project, but for now I decided to head up to Chico to visit some friends.

I love Chico.  I lived in this town for six years before I decided to head back to Southern California, where I live when I'm not traveling.  Chico has a slower way of life and things are a bit more simple in this community, which is nice.  I stayed with my good friend and old college room mate while she held her annual 4th of July party complete with massive amounts of kids in her pool and a jumpie to play in.

I didn't make in the pool, but I stood around and took pictures of all of the kids playing in it.  My method of taking these pictures was what I would like to call the "snap and turn."  With about twenty five people in the pool at one time, there was water everywhere.  I would have to take a quick picture and turn around so the water wouldn't splash all over the camera.  I was successful most of the time but you never knew if someone was getting ready to do a cannonball.

Once the kids were out of the jumpie, my friend, Heide and I took a turn and jumped around.  That was the best part of the day.  I was cracking up the entire time as Heide was falling over and hurting herself and then getting back up to do it all over again.  I had my camera phone and took pics of us as we jumped and then us on floor as we fell down.

As the sun set, it was time for fireworks.  The group watched some from the street then it was time to light the mixed bag of "who knows what it will do" explosives.  Now, that's the exciting part.  Lighting a fuse and seeing what will happen next.  I was cracking up as kids ran up to pick up the fireworks after it went off forgetting that they will be smoking hot.  Not once, but several times.  Ahhh, to be young again.

Thank you Heide for hosting Max and I at your house for a few days!  For more photographs of the pool party, click HERE.


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