Friday, July 16, 2010

A Trip To The Coast To Beat The Heat

Max and I decided to take a break from the heat and headed towards the coast.  I haven't been this far up Northern California since I took a trip with my family in our wood paneled station wagon when I was 10 years old.  It was my mom, brother, grandmother, grandfather, and father all packed into a car and headed to Canada.  My mother and I sat in the reverse seat in the back and looked out the window to where we've been.

Since the temperatures were over 100 where we were, the coast temperatures are a welcome site.  We left pretty late in the afternoon so we finally arrived to the Redwood Forest visitor center after hours.  The nice ranger saw me and decided to come out and give me a map only to tell me that all sites were filled.  He wished me luck in my search and gave me a tip that some hike in sites along the coastal dirt road might be available.

Max and I decided to take his advice and try to find the free hike in sites.  We drove North and turned at the bridge before Klamath, just as the ranger said and came upon an unpaved road.  We continued on the coastal trail and stopped when we saw a few cars parked outside.  We arrived at the Flint Ridge campsite. There were a few campers having dinner by their car so I talked to them about the availability at the site.  They weren't sure so we decided to get everything out of the car and haul it up about a half a mile to the campsites.  Lucky for us, there was a space available.  It was a nice hike but the best part about it was that it's FREE!

We set up camp and headed down the hill to watch the sunset.  It was a beautiful foggy sunset.  After that, we called it a night.

 Tomorrow we will be on the hunt for some tall trees.


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