Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trading Passions

For years my passion was wine.  I loved learning about how it's made, the many complexities, the taste and the experience of it.  I traveled to different wine regions to take tours, witness the process of bottling, and enjoying a glass of wine on the property while I soaked in the sunshine.

Over time, I built up quite the collection.  My friends knew that they would be in for a treat when I had get togethers, with the wine that I served.  I took trips with friends to the wine country and after a while most of my travel plans would revolve around wineries.  To this day, I know what a wine would taste like if someone told me the winery and varietal.

After all the experiences, tasting, learning and drinking wine, it wasn't fulfilling to me anymore.  At first it was intimidating when I didn't know the wine "lingo" when someone would describe the attributes but after many years of "learning," it became second nature.  I felt I reached the point where I wasn't learning about the wine anymore, it was just the act of drinking it that I enjoyed.

I decided that wine was no longer a passion of mine.  Besides the social aspect of drinking wine, the negative outcome outweighed the positive in my experience.

I moved on to another hobby, photography.  Since I spent so much time in my previous passion, I needed something challenging and creative.  I have found both in photography.  My dog, Max and I traveled across the USA last year and at first, I took pictures with my little point and click to document our trip.  After a while, the typical snapshot wasn't what I was looking for.  I wanted something more.  I take a lot of pictures in the hopes that I will end up with something that came close to what I envisioned in my mind. I have shot all of my pictures with my point and shoot thus far and have had fun in the process.

As we are preparing for our next trip across the country, I thought it was about time to give my wine collection to a new home.  Someone that has the same passion I once did.  Why not use trade my old passion with a new tool to help me in my new love?  That's right...I traded 10 years of collecting wine (along with the 188 bottle refrigerator) for a new camera.  I am now the proud owner of a canon 5D Mark ii.  It's the big brother of my current point and click, the canon powershot s90.  Big, big, brother.  There is a lot to learn with it, but after a while I will figure it out.  I am pretty excited about this new learning adventure.

You might have something that you once loved sitting in your garage that you no longer use or need.  Maybe it's time to trade it in for something you currently enjoy!  I have a stationary bike I will trade for a new lens!

I am glad I did and I am looking forward to sharing more with you.


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