Monday, May 10, 2010

Kellie and Kahlua

Yesterday I went to visit Kellie and her horse Kahlua on the ranch to take a walk and snap a few photographs of the two of them.

Kellie is a painter and her new passion is taking care of her horses Kahlua and Lady Fairfax on the ranch near her home.  I don't have the experience that she has with horses but I know to stay clear when I walk behind them and be as gentle as possible.  As a child, a horse decided to take a dirt bath while I was riding it (I stepped off before I was smashed into a pancake) and once while riding down a steep hill on a cliff, I ended up hanging on the neck of the horse the entire way down.  So, I am not going to sign up for the rodeo anytime soon. Perhaps I will go back and ride on one but for the day, it was a gentle walk around the property.

You could tell that I don't spend that much on at a ranch when I arrived in flip flops.  I wore these same sandals hiking in national parks and stepping through the swamps in Alabama.  I suppose next time I will have proper foot attire.

The day was beautiful.  The horses were happy at the ranch and we came across several riders on the trail enjoying the moment.  They really are amazing and beautiful creatures.  Thank you for the wonderful day Kellie and Kahlua!

For more images of the day, click HERE


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