Monday, October 26, 2009

Table For One

Being on the road alone for so long can make you a little nuts. I have Max to keep me company, but he isn't able to sit across the table for a nice meal. That is the one thing I miss...a good meal.

When you are not in one spot for long, it's hard to know where the locals eat. I have had more bad experiences than good. The other day I was driving around New Orleans in the garden district when I rolled down my window and smelled a slice of pure heaven.

It was about 1pm on a Sunday afternoon and I came across a restaurant on a corner of a residential area called Dante's Kitchen.

I decided to give it a try for brunch. I am glad I did! I ordered a coffee, crab salad and a side of grits. I wasn't going to get the grits until I saw a table next to me with them and then I knew I had to have some!

One bite and I kid you was the best grits I have ever had. I even told the waitress that. I don't know the cream/butter/cheese to grits ratio but at that point, it didn't matter. It was a mouthful of bliss.

As much as I enjoy a good meal, I love to share it with someone. Driving hours a day then camping or checking into a motel can wear on your brain after a while. I do miss home. I am not complaining since I am really enjoying this journey, but there are things that I miss when I think of it.

Finding a good meal without any research can be tricky. When I stumble upon an amazing place like I did in New Orleans, there are some things I've found that might help you know if you are in the right place. I know there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part:

- The menus are not laminated
- Napkins are made of cloth
- They are not wearing a name badge
- They greet you with a smile and don't ask you to sit at the bar since you are alone
- There are other people there
- Other sides come with your meal besides fries
- There aren't pictures of food on the menu
- The name of the restaurant doesn't contain "barn" "corral" "buffet" or "wagon"

Most importantly, you want to return after your experience.

Even at home, it's easy to get in a rut and go to the same place each weekend. I would challenge you to try something new. If you like it...let me know about it. I could use all the restaurant tips I can get.

The waffle house works for a cheap meal, but when it's on every corner, it loses its luster. Or maybe its because I can watch them cook and see everything going on that should be behind the scene.

Oh, I forgot...the coffee was amazing and the crab salad was good. Not great, but I did order it without bacon.


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