Monday, October 19, 2009

The Biltmore Estate

The Blue Ridge Parkway eventually took us to Asheville, North Carolina. After a tour around the city(more on that on the next blog), Max and I took a drive to see the country's largest home. The Biltmore Estate.

I suppose it's huge. It has to be with the honor of being the country's largest home. I thought I would drive up, get out of the car, snap a pic, soak up the beauty of the landscaping and then be on my way. Of course there wouldn't be anyone there. Just me, Max and the little birdie that flew on my shoulder.

The fact is, it costs a lot of money to look at a big fancy house. For only $55 dollars, you will get a parking space to take a tour of a house. No, that price doesn't include a room to sleep in. No kids, there aren't any rides with the price of admission.

I asked a woman who was locking up the doors (most likely to keep people like me out)at the ticket counter if there was a way I could keep my car there at the ticket lot while I took a little walk to the house to take a picture. I wouldn't disturb anyone...just a simple picture. Just little 'ol me...taking a stroll...not bothering anyone. I wouldn't even make eye contact if I saw someone. My eyes would be focused on the ground.

Nope, didn't work. She said I needed a ticket to get through the gate.

So, I wandered up the hill anyway. I'LL SHOW HER(shaking fist in the air)!!

Pretending to look lost, I took out my camera and started taking pictures of the sky and trees until the gate guard went inside of the guard house. I slowly walked by...passing him and crossing the bridge. At that point, I lost my excitement of seeing the house. I decided to play in the corn fields and relax on the grass for a while. Eventually I took the "I didn't pay the $55 buck admission fee" walk of shame back to my car.

I may sound cheap, but I would rather spend that money on a room I could actually sleep in. I am sure the house is beautiful, but it was too expensive for my taste.

As a matter of fact, this house in Virginia game me more smiles than a mansion would.

It's more my style, don't you think?

She's a beauty!


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