Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Mountains

Max and I were excited to visit the Shenandoah National Park to see the fall colors. Unfortunately, the fog was so thick that we could only see a few feed ahead of us most of the drive. All of the lookouts were fogged out but we did see some beautiful trees up close and it made for some interesting pictures
There were deer at every turn, which was exciting. I think Max is traumatized from the Buffalo in Custer State Park since each time I slow down to roll down the window, he goes crazy and barks. Even if it's to take a picture of a tree. He barks. Most of the shots of the deer are with their ears back from the noise. I have to admit, after a ears were back too.

Even with the fog, the drive was beautiful We took two days to drive the entire length of the park and through some of the Blue Ride Mountains. We pulled aside to hike a bit. It was so peaceful with the air being so thick and eerie. Most people decided not to visit since you couldn't see anything, but we had a good time.

I would recommend a visit to this park if you happen to be in Virginia. I took a lot of pictures through the fog but only a few are shown here. To see more, become a fan on my facebook photo site by clicking HERE


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