Friday, October 2, 2009

The Proposal

On most evenings, I venture out to the water to watch the sunset and take some snapshots. This night was particularly beautiful as the clouds were high with just a sliver of sky to show the deep orange/red of the sun going down.

I took some pictures and then climbed on the bluff to take more for a different perspective. I looked down at the water and noticed a couple taking close. I decided to take a picture of their silhouette against the sky and noticed him dropping to his knees. I just witnessed a proposal.

I saw them walk on the beach together but didn't think anything of it since there were plenty of photographers snapping away around me. I saw him kneel..then silence, then hugs, and then him taking pictures of the ring, and more hugs. I suppose she said yes.

I can see how the sunset, the water and the area would be the perfect setting for a marriage proposal. This area has certainly captured my heart.

My time here is winding down and there is some sadness to it. I feel in love with this town. The air has become cooler, the sun is still out and the leaves are turning. It is everything I imagined it to be and more.

I will continue to take pictures and explore what I can while I am here. I know I will be back.

This is how the sunset looked that night. Perfect in my eyes.


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