Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Search Of A Cranberry Bog

I love cranberries. I've always known that they were farmed on the East somewhere, but when I learned that there are cranberry farms, or "bogs" near the Cape, I had to see for myself!

I wanted to see a working farm. I pictured myself walking on the side of the road and those two guys in the Ocean Spray commercial were there in the middle of the water soaked field with all of the cranberries floating about, waving to me with a "come over here" gesture.

I would walk over and of course there would be an extra set of waders right there for me to slip on and walk in the bog with them, discussing how delicious cranberries are and what to make with them. Cranberry muffins, cranberry smoothies, cranberry pie, cranberry juice...ahh, so many possibilities!

After our "cranberries are so delicious" discussion in the bog, the puffy clouds would show up as the sun peeked out and my two new cranberry farmer friends would say, "why don't you take some pictures of us with that little camera of yours."

Of course, it was a daydream of my perfect day in the bog.

The reality was: I went to the Cape Cod visitors center to enthusiastically ask,"how do I get to witness a working cranberry bog?!" I got the "hummm....let's see what I can do." She turned around (in slow motion), shuffled through a file cabinet, sighed and gave me a copy of a cranberry tour map saying, "I really don't know how true this map is, but go here and good luck!"

So off I went.

I drove to the spot she said I would find several cranberry bogs, but sadly I only came across one that seemed either out of business or post harvest. It didn't matter to me. I was so excited to see one! I jumped out of the car and started snapping away.

The day was perfect to me.

I am sure the next time I set out to find one, those two men will be there waving me over to play in the bog.


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