Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Growing Pains

The excitement of traveling somewhere new.

You know the feeling you get inside when you plan a trip and especially when you embark on your journey? I had that feeling the entire time I've been on the cape. Well, almost the entire time.

There were a few days that I felt I "had it." I mean, the pictures I took came out great! I was on a roll, I felt. I was happy about the color, the timing, the subject...everything. As you can see, I enjoy taking pictures of birds and the ocean and these few days were especially kind to me. I was in photo euphoria.

I had a few set backs along the way on this journey. I've dropped and killed 2 cameras so far. One crashed on the cement when Max pulled on the leash as I was taking a photo in Yellowstone and the other was when I was taking the camera off of a tripod at night, here at the cape. I lost my grip and it fell in the water. Both times, I was able to save the pictures but not the camera.

The other day, I started searching my computer for certain images by their image number. I was puzzled when pictures from a different day showed up. Slowly but surely my brain started realizing what had happened. I accidentally pressed on the "delete images with same file name" and low and behold...the new pictures replaced the old ones. Of course, I have a few saved that I posted on facebook, but those are all thumbnail versions and I will never be able to print them out in the quality I took them in. A sampling of the photos are shown above.

I was devastated.

They may never win any awards, but it was something I was proud of. I suppose you know how much you love something when it's gone. Well, I was heartbroken beyond belief until I snapped out of it and realized that it wasn't the end of the world. It hurt, but the ocean and birds are still there. I can try and recapture what was lost.

There are many lessons to be learned along the way.

I can't say that these are fun experiences but I can say that I won't replace files in the future.

As far as dropping things...I will do my best.


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