Wednesday, October 14, 2009


As I dig into this new photography hobby of mine, I enjoy looking online at professional photographer pages. There are some amazing images out there and for me, I need that inspiration sometimes to continue on this journey.

It can be intimidating. There are some shots I am not able to get since all of my pictures come from a cannon point and click. That's not an excuse, it's just a fact that I won't be able to pick up detail in low light or grab images from far away. I try, but for now, I will do my best to time our natural lighting and play with settings and situations.

My taste in photography is simple. I love taking pictures of simple things. I don't like a lot of "clutter" in my pictures, that is why you may notice a lot of my photographs have one thing in them. I tend to focus on the earth and sky and see what falls in between. My house project is a good example of that.

I appreciate art in all forms and wanted to spread the word on some photographers that I am inspired by. This isn't a plug for my friends. In fact, I have not met any of these professionals(with the exception of Angela), I am just a fan of their work.

In no particular order:
Lauren Grabelle - Wonderful dog pictures and I am moved by her natural boundaries portfolio
Julie Magers Soulen - I love her birds and nature shots.
Brett Holman - Living in his van and hitching rides, Brett's passion for photography shines through his nomad lifestyle
Angela Russo - I love her simple, yet complex images of the cape.
Mike Terry - I have enjoyed his images before I thought about taking pictures.
Sarah Ause - I love her photographs of dogs in nature.
Shutterbug Scribbler - Shehani Kay - A point and click traveler/blogger. Wonderful photographs.
Liz Cockrum - I love her beachy photographs. Reminds me of home.

I know that this is a short list and there are many more out there to be inspired by(I welcome links and suggestions of photographers). I just wanted to list a few who have kept me going and dreaming of perhaps doing something like they do, but in my own way and style.

A new fancy camera would be nice someday.


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