Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maine, Take 2

After driving through New Hampshire, we took the road to Maine. This time around the air was much cooler as expected. I didn't have the chance to visit Portland in August so we stroll around the town and took some pictures at the marina.

On the way back south, we watched the sun set in Ogunquit at the beach. The colors were rich in pinks. I watched a family splashing around in the water and another brave soul in the water surfing the rapid 2 foot waves. More power to them! However, I was wrapped up in layers in the 40 degree temperatures.

This next part of my journey is a mystery. A mystery to me since I am not quite sure where we are headed. I have a lot of places I want to see, but I will be on the road for months in order to get to all of them. I will need to be selective on my highway choices but for some reason, I am sure I will just pick one and go. That's usually how I travel. It's worked in the past, but in this cold weather it will be a bit tricky.

I am not used to the cold. I have lived in California all my life and I have to admit...I am a wimp in the freezing temperatures. I've camped in snow and in the rain but perhaps it's because I don't have the right equipment. Like socks and warm clothes.

We are back on the road and will let you know where we are as soon as we settle. Here are some more pictures of our day trip to Maine:


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