Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stupid Tree

As Max and I backed up to venture out for the day, somehow a tree appeared out of nowhere and smashed into the back of my car. I heard a "CRUNCH!" I stopped, looked at Max as if to say, "what did you do?"

I backed into a tree (Similar to this one, except it wasn't that big, that pretty and it wasn't in the middle of nowhere) and it smashed the bikes into the back of my car and put a huge dent on one side. So much so that I am unable to roll my back window down. That back window is essential for me to get to things out of the back of the car while leaving the bike rack on. Now, I am unable to retrieve things that way. Oh well, I am thankful that

-I didn't hit another car
-The tree is safe
-My window wasn't rolled down and smashed inside of the car
-The bikes are ok (at least I think they are)
-The rack didn't break (It's still hanging on ..bent and all)

But still...

When you are driving, you have plenty of time to think. So, I thought about this over and over. I decided it was time to stop thinking. What's the cure for blowing off some steam when you've been traveling for months? Playing in the road, of course! I know I told you not to...but I just had to do it one more time!

So, I stopped in the middle of nowhere and set the camera on the ground and ran around like a crazy lady for a good 30 minutes. Ahhh...that's better...

Now, back on the road...


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