Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reading The Signs

A big part about taking a road trip is flexibility. There have been numerous times where things didn't go the way I planned. However, my planning usually involves looking at a map and thinking, "oh, this looks interesting."

Sometimes a wrong turn might lead you to another place that you didn't think you would see but in the end it was exactly what you were looking for. I don't get too upset when things go wrong. In fact, I have been fortunate that something hasn't gone terribly wrong. There have been some close calls and some uncomfortable moments being on the road solo in an unfamiliar place.

It's my own fault. Those situations happened because I didn't plan the next sleeping spot or I didn't know where I was. I camped solo in a crazy area in Wyoming through a storm. That wasn't the brightest idea. I've also stopped to take a picture in the road while it was foggy. Not so smart, either. I was yelled at by a Native American for taking pictures of horses on a reservation when I didn't know I was on one.

My brain tends to shut off when I take pictures. I am right there in the moment and somehow forgot where I am (like in the middle of the road on a foggy day).

After my drive through the desert, I wanted to visit Yosemite. There is an East entrance to the park that said, "closed in the winter" on the map. Is it winter yet? There isn't that much snow on the ground, I should be ok...right? Apparently, some people think it's winter so the road was closed. From where I was, it wasn't a minute was a long drive to get to the closed road.

It was just another change in plans. The sun was setting so I drove to Mono Lake to soak up the beauty of the area for one last moment. I had to laugh because right when I got there, a photographer with a HUGE camera on a tripod started running on the trail (I arrived at the same time with my point and click in my pocket) yelling at the sun..."wait! nooo...stay here...don't do it...not yet...hold on...don't go down..." I was trotting right behind him laughing. I was thinking the same thing.

So, here are the pictures I took from that evening. I didn't get into Yosemite, but I was able to see an amazing sunset on the lake. You never know what you will get when plans don't go the way a you expected. Go with the has a way of planning itself for you.

For more pictures, click HERE


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