Monday, November 23, 2009

In The Middle Of Nowhere, Nevada

After playing in the road, it was a long day of driving ahead in the middle of nowhere, Nevada. We headed towards the Great Basin National Park to visit. The road was closed so we drove up a bit to see some trees and caught a glimpse of deer which was exciting. Each day I see a wild animal is an adventure for me. However, Max is not a fan. He goes crazy each time I slow down or stop and starts barking even if there is nothing to see. The Buffalo in Custer State Park traumatized him I think.

We drove through a dust storm, saw lots of tumbleweeds, cows, dirt, telephone poles, the road, more dirt, weeds...oh, and a weird lady mannequin head! Very exciting stuff. Pretty creepy actually.

It was interesting that we didn't see many cars. When I played in the road, only one car drove by. I have no idea why! Look at all of the things to see!

I made the most of what I saw on the road. Here are some pics. For more, click HERE


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