Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cactus Hunt

Yesterday I went on a quick search for the perfect cactus. As the sun was setting, I was somewhere between Phoenix and Sedona on highway 17 headed North. All around the freeway in a certain area were the large saguaro cactus.

No, I didn't know the name offhand, I had to look it up. Turns out, there are hundreds of cactus species growing around here in the desert.

If you are ever really interested, you can learn about each one here. The other day, I wanted to learn more about hummingbirds so I decided to google
everything that had to do with them. All because I wondered where they slept.

I digress.

So, I was on the hunt for the "perfect" photo. I don't believe there is really such a thing, but I wanted one with the sunset in the distance. I looked for a perfect touchdown tree, but instead I found numerous of imperfect ones that have been chewed up and I actually liked those better.

I figured since I was in Arizona, I needed a few cactus shots. Here are some that I liked the most. To see even more, click here

Tomorrow, Max and I are back on the road. I look forward to sharing where we go with you soon...


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