Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art Max!

Lucky for Max, he is the subject of Jane O'Hara's new painting!

In Jane's words: "Dogs and other animals have been my subjects for many years now. I look at them as the spiritual beings that I believe they are—wise, playful and full of integrity.

I will often place an animal in an unnatural setting as a comment on the human tendency to impose. Reflecting on the unsuspecting and innocent response to this, I use humor and irony to show the dignity, confusion, fear or pleasure that the animal might experience.

I am increasingly aware of animals as the vulnerable, sentient beings that need us for their care, protection and quality of life. This idea drives my paintings."

She did such a wonderful job of capturing Max in his full crazy personality that I see everyday. He's jumping out at you on the painting as he does in real life.

Her collection is amazing. Please visit her website HERE


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