Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Airstream Owners Gather In Ohio For Alumapalooza

What a fabulous trip!  Last week I traveled to Jackson Center, Ohio to be the official photographer for Alumapalooza.  Airstream owners from around the world came together for their love of the trailers and to have some fun getting to know each other.

As much as I enjoy landscape photography, I have a new love of taking portraits!  For the five days I was there, I walked around the grounds with my camera and tried to visit with each of the campers and take their photograph.  There were around 150 trailers and about 300 people at the event.  Although I didn't get to shoot everyone, I tried my best.

I am not one to take a picture and walk away.  I enjoy learning about everyone I come across and as you can imagine, each person had a story to tell.  I was invited in trailers to have a chat, offered snacks and each time I walked up to a camp, we sat down and chatted about life for a while.  It was a great group of folks who love to travel and the stories to prove it.  It was very inspiring to see all walks of life touring around in their trailer, and living the life they have always dreamed of.  I especially enjoyed talking to William Turner, a 87 year old man who attended the event solo with his brand new 16 foot victorinox.

When I first arrived, we were greeted with thunderstorms and rain and it came off and on for the five days I was there.  The city even sounded the tornado alarms which was a little alarming for a while.  When that passed, we were greeted with beautiful skies and warm temperatures.  Once the skies cleared, I circled the grounds to catch people outside enjoying the day.  When the trailer door is shut, it's a good idea to stay away and not knock on it.  Most of the time, each guest was at the large tent watching a presentation, visiting with others for happy hour, or enjoying the entertainment.

As I chatted with people, I told them that I am going to be on the road for the third year with my dog, Max in a tent.  Most were shocked that I didn't have an Airstream.  I do, but it's in my head for now.  It was funny chatting with one gentleman about my story and he said, "didn't you just go to the hospital a few days ago?"  I couldn't believe it.  Somebody reads my blog!  It's easy to share everything here on the web for people to read and a little odd when I run into someone who's been reading.  We shared a few laughs about it.

I am so thankful to Rich Luhr of Airstream Life and Sue Dooley of Airstream who asked me to come out and be the photographer at the event.  Especially since I had a point and shoot camera and they were fully aware of the tools that I had at the time.  I am glad that I traded my wine collection for a new tool to be able to capture in pixels what I envision in my head.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people I met at the event!  I hope to keep in touch and perhaps meet on the road.  To see more of the portraits I took, click HERE.  If you are on Facebook, I hope you "like" me.


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