Friday, June 11, 2010

Small Town, USA

There's something about a small town that tugs at my heart.  Perhaps it's because it's not burdened with all of the fast food chains or Wall Mart smack in the middle of the center.  The one thing I noticed in this particular small town in Ohio is that everybody's lawn is perfect.  Every blade of grass is cut perfecty.  There is something about a town where people come together and visit, hang their clothes on a clothes line, and take life a little slower.  It's refreshing.

As I was driving down the road, I saw several things that I had to stop to take a photograph of.  I love barns so I took this shot of a barn next to the road and when I saw the clothes drying in the wind, I even approached the owner of the house if I could take a picture of his clothes.  He said, "sure."

I love that a lot of these houses have fake deer in the yards.  Even some have families of deer.  I love it.  Here are pictures of what I found interesting in Jackson Center, Ohio.  For more, click HERE.


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