Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Taking Photographs At The Johnny Cash Festival

Each time I go to an event with my camera in hand, I never know what to expect.  I love to wander around and snap away at what I think looks interesting and there were a lot of interesting people at the Johnny Cash music festival.  I am naturally drawn to the different and unexpected and this festival didn't disappoint.  A lot of the women were dressed and made up, vintage style and I loved all of their looks.  It was as if you took a step back in time.

As soon as I walked in the gate, there were pin up contestants walking around with their number on a stick and even the "non contestants" were dressed perfectly.  I am not one to walk up and introduce myself right away since I am a little shy, but I did and asked these women to pose for me.  I didn't know them or anything about them but instantly I had visions of the beautiful varga pin up models and asked them to do a few poses for me.  Their hair and make up were perfectly put together and it's fitting since they are both stylists of pin up and hair design.  I imagined them constantly checking to see if their lipstick was perfect (this coming from someone who doesn't wear make up) so I asked them to look in the car mirror to check.  They both glanced in the mirror and I snapped this picture.

Also, I like to photograph people to look larger than life sometimes.  That requires me to get on the ground which doesn't bother me since I usually roll around in the sand or grass with the dogs to get an eye level shot of them.  This picture is the result of doing just that.

I don't see many photographs of me taking photographs so it's always interesting to see what I look like when I take pictures...well to me anyway since most of my friends always see me hidden behind a camera.  I consider myself a work in progress but I am having fun documenting what I see and sharing that with you.  A big thank you to the photographer, Rick Miller for allowing me to use these two photographs he took of me and to the very patient and beautiful models, Meredith and Noni.


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