Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taking Photographs Of People At Alumapalooza

Since I am the one behind the camera, it's rare that I have a picture of myself unless I use my camera phone to snap a self portrait.  At Alumapalooza, I had my camera pretty much glued to my hands for five days and I hate to admit it but, um, I woke up with a calus on my finger from gripping it all day.  Yes, I sad.

My friend Kristiana took a picture of me taking a picture so I thought it would be fun to post the picture I saw through the lens and snapped while she snapped this pic of me.  So, this would be a before and after, of sorts.  I don't use photoshop but use Lightroom to enhance the overall photograph as you can see from the pic.  When I take pictures of people I usually give little direction.  Sometimes I talk and try to make them feel at ease and wait for a moment where they seem relaxed or the "in between" when they think I am done.  Usually I tell them to look here or there but I try to make people feel as if I am not taking a photograph so their essence will shine through.  That's my ultimate goal, anyway.


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