Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jackson Center, Ohio Community Days

Who doesn't love a community fair?  I know I love them and I was lucky enough to attend the Jackson Center Community Days fair in, you guessed it...Jackson Center, Ohio.

As I approached the event, I knew it was one not to miss hearing the live music streaming through the town and all of the blow up jumpies for the kids to enjoy.  Jackson Center is a small town with about two stop lights and the only fast food restaurant is a Subway.  The main drag also has a bank, hardware store, movie theatre, small grocery store, family diner and a bar.  Oh, I don't want to forget the drive through pizza and liquor store.  That was a sight to see.  

As I approached the fair, there was small car show at the entrance and one of the participants allowed me to take his photograph in front of his pride and joy.  As I walked in the fair, it was a mixed bag of entertainment.  You could bungee jump in the air, play in a sandbox full of uncooked pasta, listen to live music or get the party started by buying a "bag of beer."  They were selling a party in a bag for $10.  For this small fee, you too can get a plastic grocery bag full of ice and 6 bud lights in the bag.  

For me, my entertainment was walking around and taking photographs of people attending the fair.  Everyone was happy to be there and it was a well run fair with something for everyone.  I remember going to a similar fair as a child in my hometown and taking my pet turtle, Pokey to the fair to enter a turtle race while my father entered the arm wrestling contest.  Pokey won.

Summer is here so I am sure there will be many fairs in your area to enjoy.  I look forward to attending many more in these upcoming months.  For more pictures of Jackson Center, Ohio, click HERE.


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