Thursday, September 23, 2010

Red's Eats Lobster Roll

I found the best lobster roll...ever!  I don't go out to eat that often since I just eat what I have around to save money and I usually don't make it a point to visit tourist trap locations.  Each time I have driven by Red's Eats, the line is around the block.  It has to be good.

I attempted to wait in the line at one point and gave up.  The trick is to go when you are not starving and have some time to spare.  I went yesterday when it was raining so the line was only on the side of the building and not on the street so I was looked promising!

Once I stood in line, I timed how long it would take to get to the counter.  This time around, it was only 45 minutes.  It was well worth the wait.  The lobster rolls sell for $15 a pop and are stuffed with lobster meat (of course) and tenderly hugging the meat is a toasted piece of bread. There isn't any filler to mix with the meat like lettuce or mayo, it's just fresh cooked lobster.  They claim to have 1 1/2 lobsters in one roll and I am not going to dispute that claim.  It looked like that much to me!  No wonder there is a line each time I pass by.

On the way back through, it was around 5pm and there wasn't anyone in line.  I tried my best to feel hungry but I was still full from lunch.  The trick is to go there for dinner and not lunch if you don't want to wait.  All I know is that any lobster rolls from here on out will pale in comparison. If you drive on highway one and come across a little town called, Wiscasset, it's time to stop and get in line at Red's Eats.  You'll be glad you did.


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