Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nesting Newbies Magazine

My friend, Kristiana Spaulding has certainly made a name for herself following her passion of designing jewelry, interior design and giving vintage Airstreams her personal makeover.  It's not surprising that she is featured in the newest edition of Nesting Newbies Magazine.

The magazine is loaded with style tips on decorating, entertaining, cooking, and is full of beautiful photographs to inspire you to become your own creative maven.  In this issue, I am fortunate to have my photograph of Kristiana published on a full page next to the start of her 8 page spread in the magazine.

The entire 203 page magazine will be available to view online at Nesting  Once you browse through all the ideas and articles, don't be surprised it if makes you want to redecorate your home or throw a dinner party.  Thank you Kristiana for the inspiration!


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