Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alison Turner Photography Website

As you might know, I have a list of goals for the year that I outlined on my 39 goals for my 39th year blog.  One that wasn't on the list but I made a goal for myself is to put my photographs on a site where you can view and easily purchase.  Goal completed! You can find this site by clicking HERE or by simply typing:

Many of the photographs on the site are from this road trip the people I've come across during this trip.  I will be adding more as I go along and it will always be a work in progress but it's a nice way to be able to put everything in one place.

You can browse photographs by clicking on "galleries" from the top menu. If there is a photograph you like, click directly on the photo and from there, you will have options to buy prints once you click on the green "buy" button.  If you don't see that button, the image is not for sale.  There are also options to download images once you click on "buy."  Once you go through the steps, it will take you to an online check out and the printing is done through a photoshelter partner.  I've received feedback on the printing and to my delight, the quality is great!  If there are photographs on my blog that you would like to purchase, please let me know and I will put them on this site.

Max and I will get back to the travel blogging but wanted to let you know about a goal completed!  We look forward to sharing more of our adventures with you!


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