Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ocean Breeze Airstream Dreams

It's been on my mind.  A lot.

I am getting ready to leave again to wander the country and ever since I stepped into an airstream for the first time a few weeks ago, I can't seem to get it off of my mind.  They are so beautiful and shiny!  I love my little teardrop trailer, "trailie" but standing up in my favorite Ocean Breeze International Airstream 16 foot trailer is something I won't soon forget.  I love it.

I think it would be great to own a beautiful piece of land where I can set up vintage trailers and Airstreams so people can come and live the trailer life for the weekend, a week or a month.  No need to own one, just have a similar dream of living in one and to give it a try.  Each trailer would have a different theme to it.  I've seen a few parks around that are like this but I think there is always room for more!  Ahhh, that would be a wonderful life.

Some people dream of living in large homes with nice cars and clothes but for me, living in a trailer somewhere beautiful would do it for me.  Better yet, a trailer can take you to many places that are beautiful.  Wherever you can park!

I am going to roam around in my tent this year and will continue thinking about my dream.  I know that similar people have the airstream dream and I know of one who made her dream a reality.  When I wrote about my experience traveling with the ladies and their airstreams, I received a letter from Jennifer that read:

"I love your photography, and wanted to let you know what happened after you posted those amazing photos of Airstreams a few weeks ago. They've had quite an effect on my husband's and my life!

I first saw that set of photos on a Saturday morning, while my hubby was out on a long bike ride. I was not only blown away by your amazing photography, but was reminded of how much I LOVE Airstreams.

My main thought was, "Someday…." And then I thought, "Why someday? Why not now?!" I couldn't think of a good reason why not. And I could think of a long list of reasons why an Airstream is actually the perfect thing for us, right now. When my husband got home, I suggested we drive to the closest Airstream dealer (an hour away). Fortunately he was totally game, and we went that afternoon.
Flash forward three weeks: We are now the proud owners of a 19' Airstream, as well as a new truck to tow it with! I am SO psyched and cannot wait to hit the road with it. We're going to start out with weekend trips first, but hope to do a long trip this summer as well.

And it all began because of your photos! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the inspiration. And I think maybe the Airstream dealer owes you a commission. :-)"

Good for you Jennifer!  Way to go!  Let's all get out there and realize our dreams, no matter what they are.  Time is the only thing we are losing.  Anyone have a campground for sale?


kim said...

great post, of course i personaly can so relate, and just tell you to keep on dreaming, it'll happen sometime for sure.

There is nothing like an airstream, i personally am drawn to the older ones. Ours is a 1974, and has such amazing lines, i could just sit and look at her forever!

I love the idea of starting a kind of campground etc that would allow people to stay in them. There are some out there, but am sure if you did it you'd make it amazing!

Alison said...

Thank you Kim! I love those shiny bullets! They are right up my alley.

I really love the campground idea and it's still swirling in my head. I wanted to put it out there on the web just in case someone knew someone that had the perfect site for sale.

You never know. As for me, I will get back to dreaming in my head of that Ocean Breeze 16 trailer I LOVE.

kim said...

i agree about putting things out into the universe and seeing what happens.

we had a dream when we started, and it continues to evolve. Right now we are doing a work/live gig. which is interesting, and based on reality, as we need to stop and earn a bit more than my web design business will generate, and also give deb a sense of purpose in that whole work vein.

but we have been talking a lot lately and truly know this isn't it. What we are looking for is something that looks a little more like the year we spent in the airstream... but somehow with some income.

so keep posting, keep looking and keep that community up and who knows where it will go.

we are looking for something similar to you, our vision is something community minded, something involving interesting people, and ideas so who knows where worlds will connect?

theinfoindia said...

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Vic said...

Sounds Like a fantastic dream Alison. I hope you get to achieve it .

Vacation Villas said...

Sure locals could think of the campers visit as a festival or something. Great idea indeed.

Alison said...

Thank you Vic and Vacation Villas! Yes, someday it would be nice to have a fun and funky RV park with different themed airstreams. Who knows? It's fun to dream about it!

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Wow, the funny thing is we just left Joshua Tree this morning and nearby was a couple in what obviously was their brand new Airstream. At least they seemed like new owners. Wonder if it was them?

Raella said...

Hi. I just found your blog about a week ago and am still catching up from the beginning, so I'm commenting on an old blog and I'm not even sure you'll see this, but..

Kate Pierson from the B-52s owns a motel/camp ground very similar to what you've described. It's here on the east coast, and I haven't been there myself, but a good friend has and highly recommends it..

You should check it out the next time you're over this way.

Thanks for taking the time to blog,


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