Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clothes The Deal and Dress For Success

The journey of living with less continues.  Yesterday I cleaned out my business suit and business wear attire on my handy little clothes rack and gave them to the organization, "Clothes the Deal" yesterday.

The mission at Clothes The Deal is to "assist men, women, and at-risk youth, empowering them to gain and sustain employment, and achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment success."  They also offer workshops to "educate and enhance the participant's self-esteem and professional image for employment. The workshop focuses on five main areas of developing a professional image" self-esteem/confidence, business etiquette, wardrobe, accessories, and hair/make-up."

It was a good feeling knowing that by giving my work clothes to this organization, they could help an individual become successful in their own life.

It was a trip through memory lane looking through all of my business suits and clothes, remembering the times I wore them and all of the meetings I went to and how I couldn't wait to come home, rip the "uniform" off and put jeans on. They are beautiful pieces of clothing but for me, I was/am happier in casual wear.  We all have to play a roll at some point in our lives.  One quote that has always stuck out with me is that, "you never have to apologize for looking sharp."

I worked hard in those clothes.  As I read the workshop areas, I think I could have used some lessons in the hair and make-up department.  I remember one year when I had my yearly performance review from my boss (who is a woman).  I received excellent marks in my performance but she wrote me up by saying that I needed a manicure and one day my hair wasn't completely dry in an office meeting (no clients attended), and that my linen shirt needed ironing.  Ok ladies... tell me how not to wrinkle a linen shirt when you commute an hour each way to work and sit in the car.  I don't think it's possible.  Ok, maybe I can use a manicure and a blow dryer!  Geez, such work (as I bite my nails).

It's time to clean out your closets and give what you think you will wear one day...but deep down you know you won' a good cause.  Make your life a little more clutter free and help someone change their life for the better, at the same time.  Here are two organizations that I would recommend:

Clothes The Deal
(locations in the Southern California Area)

Dress For Success


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