Sunday, April 25, 2010

Max And His New Trailer!

I thought it would be fun this year on the road to be able to take Max with me while I wander around.  Last  year, my only option was to keep him in the car while I rode my bike, but sometimes it was way too hot to do so.  Now he is able to get on the dirt road with me in this handy bicycle trailer from Doggy Ride!

When I put it together, I didn't want him to be afraid of it right away so I put his small bed in it and put treats inside so he would have to hop in to eat the treats.  I did this all day (not moving the trailer), until I was able to zip it up and move it around slowly with him inside.

I thought he got the hang of it pretty quickly so we went for a spin around the neighborhood.  He didn't bark once but growled at a cat he saw.  I look forward to touring around in this with Max while we wander around the country soon!   Of course I still use a cheap tent that's over 10 years old to camp in but Max gets a brand new luxury coach!  Lucky Max.


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