Monday, April 19, 2010

Long Beach Grand Prix

The biggest event in Long Beach is the annual Long Beach Grand Prix that happens each April on the streets of Long Beach.  I've been in attendance about 5 times and this year it was about capturing what I came across in photographs.  I rode my bike to the entrance and once I stepped foot on the grounds, I knew I was in race car fan fantasy land.

It's a must see if you are a fan of car racing, beer, fair food, loud noises, or people watching.  For me, it was all about the people.  This is an indy car series race, but if you haven't been to a NASCAR should go to one event in your lifetime.  It's a brand marketer's dream.  Car racing is a way of life to many people and it is pretty exciting to watch for the first time.  If that's not for you, I suppose a trip to the movie store is in order.  Rent "Talladega Nights," for your NASCAR education needs.  Ok, race fans...don't get upset with me, but you have to admit that the movie is pretty funny.

I began my tour with the food stands.  I love a nice trailer and if you are into grilling your meat on an open fire, they had some of the best BBQ trailers in town!  I am more of a corn on the cobb type of person, but the food trailers were fantastic.  It was nice day of wandering around and people watching.  One of my favorite things to do.


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