Sunday, April 18, 2010

Los Angeles Brewery Art Colony Spring Art Walk

I love looking at art, meeting artists and watching them create their magic.  Each year, the colony of artists who live at the Brewery art building in Los Angeles open up their homes to display what they are working on.  It's a wonderful way to meet the artists, look at their work and see how they live.

I walked into the home of Andre Miripolsky and was able to see him surrounded with all of his beautiful art.  Miripolsky is a "world renowened artist who pushes the limits in many media, creating his own stlye of expression in painting, sculpture, mobiles, graphics, branding, production design, sets and costumes: groundbreakig provocateur who marries idioms of art, music and film: name translated in Russion means "field of peace.""

There is also a loft where you can take cooking classes through "Hip Cooks."  The chef lives there and has a very cute little one that was playing on the kitchen table in her beautiful loft.

If you are drawn to the quirky, odd, weird and obscure (I know I am!), there are several artists showing their creations made of dolls, everyday items, musical theatre, lamps and the like.  The overall vibe is one of, "welcome, make yourself at home."

Sometimes I dream of living in a loft not unlike the ones I see in the brewery art colony.  Even though it's right in the middle of the city, it seems to be its own city within a city of artists.

I walked around and snapped photographs of everything I found interesting.  Believe me, there were a lot of interesting things to see in the area.  I am glad that I took a moment to soak up the beautiful art and energy of the event.  There are several art communities in all cities.  I would recommend seeking them out and supporting your local artists.

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