Wednesday, August 4, 2010

People I've Come Across On My Travels

I love interesting people.  On my travels, I come across a lot of them and sometimes I am lucky enough to be able to take their photograph.  If we start chatting, I always ask if it's ok to take their picture and they usually always agree.  Sometimes they are reluctant but they say ok after a while.

On this particular day on deer lake in Washington, I spotted a few nuns relaxing on a pier while I was enjoying the day with some friends on a boat.  I wanted to get close to them so we drove around to the dock and as we passed by, I asked them if it was ok to take their photograph and they all smiled and said yes.

In Ohio, I walked by a street fair and came across this gentleman showing his car in a show and chatted with him as he allowed me to take his photograph in front of his car. Of course there is the "Muffin Man" I met in Klamath, California when he offered me his handmade fresh baked muffin to taste, an artist on the streets of Venice and Airstream workers in Jackson Center, Ohio. All of whom I stumbled upon on my travels the past few months.

Most people I come across on the road are friendly and are just like you and I.  I am always attracted to people who have a look that you don't see everyday and  usually those are the people I want to approach and strike up a conversation with.

If you've followed me for a while, you've seen that most of the shots I took a year ago are of landscapes I've come across in the states I've visited.  I still love the beauty of our country but my eye is getting picky and I find it harder and harder to capture things that interest me.  The good news is that I usually have a camera on hand to get a shot of whatever I find interesting along the way and I look forward to sharing that with you.


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