Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Glacier National Park

I have always wanted to go to Glacier.  On each road trip the past few years, it was just far enough North that I was unable to visit.  After leaving Spokane, I headed to visit a photographer friend (more on her in the next post) and took a day trip to the park.

The day I went to visit, it rained the entire time.  That's the risk you take when you take a trip somewhere, you never know what weather to expect once you are there.  It didn't ruin my day or diminish the experience.  The park itself is quiet magical.  The roads were being worked on so I waited to pass on a one lane road on the side of a cliff in the rain which was interesting, to say the least.
I headed into the park and went as far as Logan Pass.  The views were amazing and I am sure even better on a clear day.  I love being in nature.  I don't do so well with crowds, however.  The parks are for all to enjoy but when I wait in my car for an hour to go a mile, I feel like I am in the city.

After a few photographs, I was on my way.  I would love to spend more time at this magical park and I hope to do that some day.  As with all of our National Parks, it is one not to miss.


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