Monday, August 9, 2010

A Visit Home And The Long Beach Roller Derby Take 2

Last weekend I flew home to get some love from my friends and attend some local Long Beach events.  In June, I went to my first Long Beach roller derby to take a few photographs at the event and was lucky enough to be asked by "Z" to display and sell some of those photos at their LBRD booth at the event.  I was honored to be a part of this special night.

I wrote about my first bout HERE, and the second one didn't disappoint.  Thank you to photographer and Derby coach, Lindsey Karnopp for including my images at the roller derby booth for sale. If you haven't been to a roller derby, I suggest that you go to one in your area.  It's sure to please.

It was nice to go home and visit friends after being on the road.  Max and the car stayed in Spokane while I traveled for a few days in Long Beach.  I made the rounds to visit as many people as I could and am fortunate that they made the time to see me.

It was a nice break to be back in my home base but now it's time to head back on the road.  Max and I look forward to the adventure the next few months.  For more pictures from the Roller Derby, click HERE.


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