Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

I love seeing how people live across this country.  There are so many beautiful places to visit and you can tell by the locals that they love it there.  My home is in Southern California but it doesn't mean that I will be there forever.  I enjoy seeing the sights of this country and sometimes I imagine myself living in some towns I've come across.  I think it's why so many people enjoy looking through travel magazines.  How many times have you been on vacation only to think to yourself, "I want to live here!" Then you get home and you are happy to be just where you are.

What makes us live where we are toady?  Is it the weather, the people, or is it just because we don't know what it's like anywhere else.  Picking up your life and moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, but I think change is always a good thing.  You will learn something new, see new sights and meet people that have a common bond of loving the area you are in.

I do love Southern California for the weather and for the people I know here.  However, there are so many other places I've visited that I love as well.  I look forward to my continued journey and seeing other parts of the country and the people who live there. Why do you live where you live?


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