Monday, August 2, 2010

A Day At The Lake And Art Fair In Coeur d'Alene Idaho

I've been hanging out in Eastern Washington State for a while and for the weekend I ventured with my friend Cat to Idaho to spend the day in Coeur d'Alene and attend the art festival they had over the weekend.

The city was jam packed with vendors and artists that stretched from the downtown area, through the parks and to the lake.  We browsed the artwork at each vendor and strolled along the grounds throughout the day.  The weather was beautiful and people were out to enjoy the day.  It was pretty crowded wherever we went and at one point, I wandered off to watch the kids on the pier playing and enjoying the day.

Usually I like to wander to people and things that seem interesting to me.  It's a good thing Cat knows this. She didn't have a problem with me darting in different directions to snap photographs of people and places that caught my eye.  I sat down by the pier for a while to capture kids having a good time, I took photographs of vendors that I found interesting and captured some of the activities going on at the time.

I love art and being in nature.  The festival had the best of both worlds.  I plan to spend a little more time here before I head out and I look forward to showing you more of what the area has to offer.  I love to photograph people in their element.  For more images of people in their habitat, click HERE.


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