Monday, December 7, 2009

Long Beach

It was a rainy day in Southern California and that means it's storm watch time!

I decided to head out in the rain and take some pictures along the shore in Long Beach. Max wasn't too happy to get out of the house in the cold, but I took him along anyway. After the morning walk we had, he looked like a wet rat.

A cute wet rat.

I know that the majority of the country is living in freezing temperatures and snow so I can't complain. was cold! My hands were so cold that after a while I couldn't move them to push the button on my point and click camera. I would run back and forth to the car and back out to warm up.

I know...big wimp.

It was nice to get back out to snap a few pictures and breathe in the fresh air. I miss the road sometimes. I know I will be back on it again soon and it's always there for me when I decide to go.

For now I will enjoy the beauty in my backyard. Here are some pictures from today. For more, please click HERE


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