Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Buttermilk Truck

When you make your dreams a reality, they are no longer your dreams.

Yesterday I stumbled upon the website for the buttermilk truck. I have a new dream. Why not drive across the USA in a truck that serves breakfast to people? Everyone loves breakfast! What a concept!

I thought about it all day. I posted this dream on facebook and received over 30 comments on name suggestions and even people volunteering to come along for the ride! I could serve coffee, comfort food and showcase art. What else do you need in life?
Great names like "Maxi Taxi," "Maximum Buzz," "Buzz Bus," "Butterfly Bus," "AliVan," "The Max Shack," "Supreme Extreme", etc.

My brain was spinning. I had to try it out for myself so I decided to follow the truck to the event it was serving to lastnight. It was an empty building full of undiscovered artists including bands, painters and photographers. Perfect. Right up my alley.

I went with an empty stomach and couldn't decide on just one menu item so I tried two. I had the buttermilk breakfast sandwich with chicken sausage and a side of rosemary hash browns. I also ordered a side of cornbread since I LOVE cornbread. I am telling was a slice of heaven. No joke.

I stood there savoring every bite looking at the truck up and down as if it were my next meal. She was a beauty! They only have one truck and they did a fantastic job of promoting it and wrapping it in their logo. I want one!

I could see it now...Max and I traveling to the most beautiful places and offering coffee, tea, snacks and art. I could take snapshots of people and surround the van with happy customers on each side. Perhaps sell postcards of the sites they are seeing and serve as a post office so they can send their "i wish you were here" notes without hassle.

It's good to dream. It's what keeps me alive and sane.

Great job to the buttermilk truck folks. They are touring around Los Angeles so I would recommend you stop by their route if you are in the area. I am still dreaming about the breakfast meal I had for dinner. I know I will have to follow it again to get my fix.

Even though the main attraction for me to go to the event was the truck, I did enjoy some music and artwork. It was a nice chance to get out and try something different. I plan to go out and do things that I don't normally do each day. It's good to get out of a rut (not that I am in a big rut only being home for a week). Traveling each day did wonders for me. While I am home, I plan to do it within my community.

Keep dreaming. I know I will.

If only I was a morning person...


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