Friday, December 4, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of Year

It's time for the annual trip to the garage to sort though the green bins to look for Christmas items and other exciting decorating treasures to set around for the holidays. I don't know...I'm not feeling the spirit this year for some reason. Maybe it's the annual stress attack that sets in with people to be the best (brother, sister, friend, daughter, mother, father, etc.) person on earth and give the best gift ever! Blah!

I picked out a small 12 inch plastic tree and a card holder (wishful thinking) from the bins. Oh, and a ribbon that I decided would be fun to decorate Max with. He wasn't that happy about it. He played dead on the ground until I propped him up to snap this photo of his not-so-merry face. His look was exactly how I was feeling.

These are the most stressful weeks to be the most perfect human being on the planet! I say, forget it! Take the time to visit friends and family and just be together. Eat well, laugh, take pictures.

Turn off the TV. Get outside.

Do something you enjoy for you. Live simply. Forget the clutter and resist the urge to buy more of it.


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