Saturday, December 5, 2009

Art Is Everywhere

Getting out of the house, eating from food trucks and looking at art.

All good things.

Last night I strolled along Abbot Kinney in Venice for their Friday art walk. It was my first time participating in the event festivities. I sampled a few food truck treats and wandered through shops and galleries.

I was blown away with one artist in particular. Kwaku Alston. He lives in a beautiful house on the street and showcases his photography on the street level of his home.

Simply amazing.

His current exhibit is titled Volkslivin and the images were stunning, through my eyes. A photographer after my own heart. He took pictures of VW busses all along Venice and put them together on one piece on the wall. I was allowed to take a photo of it shown here. It's similar to what I would like to do with my house project.

Inspired by his work, I continued to walk the few blocks of the event taking a few snapshots to pass the time. I would encourage you seek out art in your own community. You never know what you will find. It might inspire you to do something different or give you the push to continue on your path.


some one said...

i don't even drink coffee but that pic of that one made me rethink the whole idea of coffee...great shot.
i so wish i could have attended this event. it looks inspiring. nice blog alison. thanks

MCCasey said...

That is what my 18 year old nephew does; his camera is always with him. He has some great shots that couldn't have been set up.

Alison said...

Yes, I LOVE coffee, some one.

McCasey, a point and shoot camera is always handy when you can fit it in a pocket to go anywhere.

Brittkchancellor - I am not sure what you mean...what are you referring to?

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