Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Visit with the Spoon

After spending a few days in Madison, I headed South to visit an online friend, Adriane. We've talked here and there for over a year and when I set out to do my adventure with Max she offered a place to say in Central Illinois. What fun we had!

The journey started off with a major lightning storm. Since I've been through 2 so far, I thought it would be ok. That was, until I saw all of the cars huddled under the overpass with hazards on. Should I stop? Should I keep going? I kept going, with hazards on. Until, I witnessed bolts of lightning all around the car so I decided it might be a good idea to stop for a while. We stopped and observed truckers getting out of the drivers seat to take shelter in the cab. What an adventure THAT was. Come to find that there were "get in your basement for the deadly lightning and tornado watch" warnings. Yet again, we managed to get through it.

Adriane "Spooner" and I went to dinner the first night and she cooked the second night. What an amazing cook she is! I got to stay in a beautiful girl's room complete with stuffed animals, soft bed, fluffy blankets, string lights and bright walls! It was as if I was in a fairytale land. The best night sleep by far.

I didn't want to be one to overstay my welcome, but I stayed a third night. I am glad I did! We went to a concert in the park to watch the Reveren Horton Heat work his magic on stage. What a fun night! Locals didn't mind that it was cold and rainy part way through the concert. It was the first night on the trip that I actually put closed toed shoes on to enjoy a night away from a campsite. It was delightful.

Thank you Adriane for making Max and I feel so welcome in your home.

She is doing 50 mile...yes 50 mile walk next month for MS. Please take the time to read her story and donate to this cause by clicking HERE Has your state donated? If you live, or know anyone from these states, encourage them to give just $5. They are trying to get a donation from every state.

New Mexico
South Dakota

Here are some pictures of our visit. Thank you again! I look forward to another visit! Like, tomorrow when my U-Haul comes to your house.


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