Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Stop, Sedona

I will be the first to admit that I am not actually "roughing it" on the first stop. But hey, it's to see my Mother and my Step Father, Allan.
The temperatures the past few days have been over 100 so I'm not sure how well Max would be in the heat outside in the tent. We are about to find out tomorrow when I head out.

It's been a nice and relaxing few days here. Sedona is as beautiful as always. If you have never been, it truly is amazing. The first night I sat under the stars and listened to the coyotes in the distance while I kept Max close. I think I heard the coyotes mumble something like "we could sure use a small dog to eat tonight for dinner, please".
I did a little painting, sightseeing, swimming and visiting. I am looking at the map to see where our next destination will take us. We shall see.
I came to find that there isn't an art supply store in a city full of artists and people refuse to walk 50 feet to the store if there is a closer parking space in sight. Even going to the grocery store and out of the heat was a welcome experience for someone who hates to shop...for anything.

We're headed out of the air conditioning and into the heat in the morning (as I pry my mom's hands off of my arms, wanting me to stay).

What, are we crazy?? A smidgen, perhaps.

I am looking forward to where the road takes us next.


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