Thursday, August 6, 2009

From 102 to 96

Arches National Park is beautiful! It was over 100 degrees when we went there so we didn't hike around much. We spent enough time looking at the rocks and stopping for a few pictures.

All of the rock formations have different names to identify them. Who got that gig? I looked around and thought of a few names of my own to pass the time. I wonder what this rock should be called?
The campsite there was full so we decided to stroll to the visitor center to see if there were any others in the area that were open. I didn't want to leave Max in the car so I decided to hold him as I went inside, completely ignoring the "no pets" sign. As I walked out I heard a young girl tell her mother, "aren't dogs not allowed in here, mom?" I refrained from saying anything because technically I was breaking the rules by bringing the dog in, but didn't want to kill him in the heat of the car. As I bit my tongue, the younger brother of the girl decided to shoplift at the store so the alarms went off and the mother yelled, "put that back right now!" Awwww, so sad. Isn't it against the law to take something you didn't pay for?

After our visit at Arches, we drove through Moab and into Colorado. We braved the heat and stayed on the Colorado River in Fruita. It was a simple campsite overlooking the lake so to pass the time in the heat, we decided to do a photo shoot.


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